Getting involved as a Review Author

We recently withdrew the published protocol 'Inspiratory muscle training and physical training for reducing neuromuscular dysfunction in critically ill adults in intensive care units'.

The 'physical training' part of the review will now be included in the updated version of 'Exercise rehabilitation following intensive care unit discharge for recovery from critical illness'

However, this does mean that  'Inspiratory muscle training for critically ill adults in the intensive care unit' is available. Be aware that if the title is of interest to you, that you need to follow the steps below and there is no guarentee that your title proposal will be approved.

Getting involved as a Review Author

If you have expertise in anaesthesia, critical and emergency care or statistics, then consider joining the Cochrane Anaesthesia, Critical, and Emergency Care Group (ACE). ACE can provide you with support, resources and training to help you write a systematic review; and an international audience when your work is published in the Cochrane Library. 

All Cochrane systematic reviews are first registered as titles. Those titles must conform to Cochrane standards: an intervention for a health-care problem. Your proposed title must not duplicate any work already published or registered with the Cochrane. Once your title is accepted and registered, you then write the protocol. The protocol states what you plan to do and how you plan to do it. Once your protocol is published you are expected to write the review. Please remember, Cochrane reviews must be updated every other year or if new significant evidence appears.

In general authors either approach us with an idea for a title or decide to take on one of our available titles.  We advise that each review team is comprised of at least two to three authors to independently extract data. We ask that that each review team has access to independent statistical help and that at least one of the authors is experienced in either writing systematic reviews or performing randomized controlled trials.

To propose a new title

Please be aware that Cochrane review titles should not overlap with registered or published Cochrane reviews.

Decide on your topic for a review.  Make sure your proposal does not duplicate any work already published or registered with The Cochrane.

  • Search The Cochrane Library for any published protocols or reviews related to your topic of interest.
  • Browse the list of unpublished registered titles on Cochrane Summaries. There, you can use the "Filter by: Cochrane group topics" on the left to sort by Cochrane Review Group (CRG).

If you believe that your proposed title will not overlap with any registered or published Cochrane review title then please follow the steps below.  

We receive a great number of title applications. Our resources are limited and we cannot accept all title applications. We have to make difficult decisions as to which titles are priorities. One way we prioritize titles is to invite authors to initially submit PICOs, this allows the editors to decide which title is of interest to them.  We offer no guarantees that any PICO will be chosen. It is up to the ACE editors as to which are of interest to them.

Please be aware that authors should only submit one title proposal.

They should not submit a second until the first has been published as a complete Cochrane review. This is because you need to complete one review before taking on a second.

We also ask that authors limit their contact to one CRG at a time.

In otherwords only send your title proposal to one CRG, do not send the same proposal to multiple CRGs at the same time.

We ask that you do not contact another CRG with the same proposal until we have responded with a decision. If we decline your title proposal then please inform the other CRG that your title was submitted to us and declined.  

We ask all ACE authors to submit the following information in an email or a word document to Jane Cracknell. Please do NOT submit a pdf document.

  1. Title
  2. P (population)
  3. I (intervention)
  4. C (control)
  5. O (outcomes)
  6. S (types of studies)
  7. Your clinical question
  8. The makeup of your team. Please be aware that ACE requires that each review team consists of a content specialist, methodologist and a statistician, and that at least one author should have prior experience of performing systematic reviews or meta- analysis.  You need to provide the person’s name, position and the role they will play in the review.
  9. Confirm that no team member has any conflicts of interest.
  10. You need to confirm  that there are at least two RCTs in your topic area; only rarely will ACE register empty reviews.

Please also be aware because English is the common language within the Cochrane Collaboration, we require that at least one author be proficient in written English. This person should be responsible for writing the protocol and review.

Please be aware that we have extremely limited resources and will only accept a title if:

1. we regard it as a priority;

2. we consider that the authors are able to proceed with it and that there is a full team of authors (content, methodologist, and statistician).  

If your title is rejected please do not submit another title immediately but instead do some more research into priority topics in your area of expertise before applying to us again.