Media strategy poster

  • Introduction: Cochrane Anaesthesia, Critical and Emergency Care Group (Cochrane ACE) is a part of Cochrane. Cochrane ACE is based in Denmark, at the Herlev Hospital. We produce and disseminate systematic reviews of healthcare interventions in anaesthesia, intensive care medicine, acute and prehospital medicine and resuscitation. To reach as  many people as possible, Cochrane ACE needs to have an up to date homepage and an active profile on the social media. The purpose of Cochrane ACE’s social media strategy, is to create more awareness about our systematic reviews.
  • Methods: The media strategy is an on going process. The method varies by media and is reassessed all the time to achieve these objectives for 2015:

    LinkedIn: To create a profile and start up 5 debates. Audience: anaesthetists. Twitter:  @CochraneAnaesth To reach 1000 followers by tweeting every day. Audience: anaesthetists and other professionals. Research Gate: To create a profile and update it with articles. Audience: anaesthetists and other professionals. Facebook: To reach 1500 followers by linking to all new publications or post other relevant things. Audience: the main population.

  • Results: Cochrane ACE has published more than 250 systematic reviews and protocols for review in the Cochrane Library. Figure 1 shows the number of publications from Cochrane ACE in the Cochrane Library from year 2000 to 2014. So far Cochrane ACE has  created profiles on Facebook and Twitter. On Facebook there are 722 followers and updates 2-4 times a week. On Twitter there are 140 followers with daily tweets and retweets.
  • Discussion: The media strategy is fundamental for Cochrane ACE’s work. Although the main priority is to publish quality articles, it is also extremely important to reach out to people and start debates. Cochrane ACE 's mission is to increase awareness of systematic reviews, so that it becomes easier for professionals, patients and others to seek insight and compare research results in the anaesthesiological area. Compared to the British Journal of Anaesthesia, which has an impact factor of 4.354, Cochrane ACE has an impact factor of 6.455, making it the highest ranking of all the anaesthesia journals.
  • Conclusion: Cochrane ACE will achieve its goal of a targeted media strategy where the latest and most relevant reviews are shared on social media by questioning the status quo and start debates.