Titles and updates

·         Authors may submit title proposal suggestions. These will initially be viewed by the Co-ordinating Editors of Cochrane Anaesthesia (Prof Andrew Smith), and Cochrane Emergency and Critical Care (Prof Harald Herkner).

·         If a title is of interest, then the authors will be invited to complete and submit a title proposal form.

·           We will only consider new title proposal forms twice a year: April and October. (Although we reserve the right to consider any priority title outside of those dates.)

·           The deadline for inclusion is 12.00 (midday) UK time on the 1st of April/October to ensure a title proposal will be considered in that month. Otherwise it will be held over until the next submission deadline April/October.

·           The portfolio of titles will be sent to all editors on the 2nd of April/2nd of October.

·           A final decision will be made in the next available Editorial Board Teleconference

·           The authors will be informed of that decision

·           Authors are reminded of the Cochrane rejection policy  [https://community.cochrane.org/editorial-and-publishing-policy-resource/cochrane-review-management/rejection-cochrane-reviews] and in particular

a.      Registration of a new title or drafting of the protocol for a Cochrane Review by a specific author team does not guarantee publication for that team.   

b.      Publication of a protocol does not guarantee authorship or publication of the subsequent review; and

c.      Publication of a Cochrane Review does not guarantee authorship or publication of an updated version.